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Park Pub Comedy Show March 24, 2011

From the Saturday Februray 12th 2011 comedy show
at the Four Seasons at Great Notch Spa and Club
in Woodland Park, Clifton NJ.

From our Dec. 9th 2010 Park Pub Show in Nutley, NJ
Thanks to everyone who came out to support live comedy.

Pats Place at the Park Pub in Nutley, NJ Nov. 13, 2010
This was Samantha DeRose's surprise Birthday celebration

October 16th, 2010 Pats Place at The Park in Nutley, NJ

June 12th 2010 Pats Place 4 Comedy

June 12th 2010 Pats Place 4 Comedy

May 27 2010 Comedy Show
at Buttonwood Manor
Matawan, NJ

JCC Show with Buddy Flip, Randi Lupo and Bob Gonzo 5/13/2010

May 13, 2010 JCC Show in Deal NJ
with Buddy Flip and Bob Gonzo

June 16, 2009 JCC Show
with Jessica Kirson and Doug Adler

Comedy Mondays

Cast and Crew from the 6/1/2009 Comedy Mondays Show

Randi Lupo at Hackettstown Show

Sept 23 2009 Hackensack PBA Benefit

Randi Lupo in Randolph

Here I am with Uncle Floyd and Vic Barbetta at a
Comedy Show for the Lions Club in Randolph, NJ
on 1/23/09 to benefit the Blind.

Randi at YM-YWHA Show

A show for the YM-YWHA of North Jersey on 1/24/09.

Randi Lupo at Cedar Grove Show

At The Comedy Show to benefit the
Cedar Grove North End School. March 28, 2009.