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Where are you from?

Manhattan Beach Brooklyn.

What was Manhattan Beach Like?

It’s a suburban / urban part of Brooklyn, my father was one of the last farmers in Brooklyn.

What brought you to comedy?

My psychiatrist. He would just sit and laugh at me,  not with me. If you can't laugh at other people then who can you laugh at.

What was your first experience on stage?

I attended a seminar at the Learning Annex it was three sessions with the third being a performance at Stand Up New York. My set was a disaster, I didn't know where to look, how to connect to the audience, and no one laughed.

Where is your material from?

My life, my family, my kids. I take a thought and magically mold it into comedy gold. 

Who inspires you?

My inspirations are Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Gilda Radner, Jackie Mason,Eddie Murphy,Judy Tenuta, Jessica Kirson, Maureen Langan and Pink.

What comics do you watch?

I don’t watch any comics not because I don't want to I just don’t know how to turn on my TV. I also don't want it to influence my own creativity.

How does doing comedy feel?

It’s a roller coaster. The ups are very up and the downs are very down. But I’ve learned to look at it as just another night.

Who is your audience?

I’m still working on that but, I think its women with big hair from Staten Island.

How long have you been at this?

For 4 years, I previously had some false starts. Now I'm saving up money for plastic surgery because I'm in it for the long hall.

What is your ultimate goal?

To pay for my plastic surgery and to have my own sitcom.

Do you get family support?

Sort of.  My daughter Lily is extremely supportive, even if I bomb she says “Oh rough crowd” and my daughter Brooke thinks I should improve my mothering skills perhaps by staying at home and cooking her a meal. Whenever I ask my brother Matthew how my set is he usually responds “Chris Rock is much funnier”. My sister Madeline thinks I should take criticism better and my sister Elizabeth thinks I should get a government job with a pension and benefits. Others have commented I should become a magician for children parties and make balloon animals.

What is your best experience in Comedy?

“The best part of comedy is when the audience is digging me and I'm in the zone.”